4 Days in Menjangan

4 Days in Menjangan

I was quite disappointed when my Grandma said we'd be going off the grid to the west of Bali, 4 hours from actual civilization. I wish I could take back what I thought then. The resort that I stayed in, The Menjangan, is actually in the West Bali National Park. I woke up to the gorgeous view of the ocean and mountains and I couldn't be more content in those 4 days.

Going around the resort requires safari-like car rides, where you can sit on top of the safari car. The surrounding itself reminds me of an African savannah, which is really beautiful. My extended family and I lived in the same house with a private pool, living area, and kitchen. We also got a butler that served us breakfast.

We went to the jetty to play in the waters. The beach here is unlike the ones in Kuta or Legian—the sand is rocky. The water goes deep very close to the shore and despite not being able to sleep on the sand and play soccer on the beach, we got to relax, dive, and kayak straight off the pier.

I am very grateful to be able to travel to such an amazing place with great company. We went snorkeling near the Menjangan Island and the sea life is amazing. There were so many different types of fish and corals that I saw. The current wasn't too bad so I wasn't as seasick as I thought I'd be.

This trip to an isolated resort, far away from the Bali we all know and love is very recommended. Spending 3 to 4 days here is the right amount of time—not too long nor short. I would suggest trying The Menjangan's pistachio ice cream (best I've ever had.)