A tourist's day in London

A tourist's day in London

Spent my penultimate day in London by hitting some tourist spots. Just by the mention of "tourist spots" you'd probably think about the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and Hyde Park. I'm not saying that you're wrong, cause you're not. I did go to those places, took many embarrassing touristy pictures, and enjoyed my last full day in London.


My family and I woke up earlier that day and went to the London Bridge to get a good look at the Tower Bridge and made our way there by feet—of course, my mother and I took lots of pictures along the way. I was hungry to say the least and my mind couldn't possibly focus solely on the fine architecture of the bridge. But I did notice how grand the whole thing is. After years and years of seeing other people's pictures in front of the Tower Bridge, I was finally able to have one on my own.


We didn't eat lunch at a proper restaurant as we were chasing time to watch the changing the guards at the Buckingham Palace. When we got there, the roundabout was packed with people. It was quite pointless—for me at least. I was short and other people seemed to be way taller than me. All I did was stare at strangers' backs and sneak at other people's phones to see tiny guards marching on their screens.

However, when the guard change was done, and I can finally see the palace clearly, it was a very grand and pleasing sight. There were no guards standing outside anymore due to threaten safety, I think. But, that's okay, I took a picture with the normal security guard. You just got to be the no-shame tourist every time you visit a place for the first time.


It was pouring. Jakarta has been going through dry season and so it's been a long time since I was surrounded by heave patters of the rain, and it was comforting. Everyone was hurrying to find sheltter and of course the cafes were full. I had to share a seat with my brother for quite some time and it sucked. The rain didn't last very long, but it was real cold. I wasn't as prepared as I thought I had been. The jackets that I brought didn't give me much warmth (I hate the cold.) The sky was gloomy and grey, the typical London usually pictured in novels. The pictures weren't that great and so we didn't stay there long.

I originally planned to post a What I Wore piece but then again, I was wearing the same skirt and shoes as the only clean bottoms I have left is that skirt and a pair of jeans.

Sunglasses MADEWELL / T-shirt BRANDY MELVILLE / Denim buton front skirt BULLHEAD DENIM CO. / Superstar foundation ADIDAS